About Us

The Company

MAXIN is a Greek women fashion company founded in 1993, by two people with passion for life and fashion that soon established itself in the production and trade of women’s clothing. Almost 99% of MAXIN products are manufactured in our privately owned building in Athens, in order to control in the best possible way the quality characteristics of the products. Here is also the headquarters of the company where the corporate customers see MAXIN and STREET CUTURE by MAXIN collections in the showrooms.

For the last 10 years, MAXIN has been investing for an expansion in the international market as it is a dream of its owner to go beyond the Greek market. Today it is present in Cyprus, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Nederland’s and Italy while is some of them MAXIN trademark is well known. In the Greek market MAXIN’s sale network includes 5 retail stores in Athens and over 250 wholesale clients around Greece


The Philosophy

The philosophy of our company is based on the worldview and imagination of its creators. Always aiming to bring out women femininity, the dynamic of their glamorous character and the unparalleled style of modern times, MAXIN creates clothes with high quality characteristics and unique style, causing impressions

Our clothes aim at women who want to be dynamic and dazzling throughout the day but at the same time modern and comfortable with what they wear so that to enhance their confidence and promote their femininity.

Ipolohagou Kapetanaki 71, Ag. Dimitrios Phone: 2109768865

Find out more about MAXIN FASHION CONTACT AT maxin@maxin.gr. Alternatively you can email us using the form below or call us on 2109768865

 Fall Winter Collection 2015-2016

Spring Summer Collection 2015